12 Ways That Linchpins are Different + the Linchpin Manifesto


The world of work is changing. Companies are transforming themselves. New skills are required to thrive. How can students prepare themselves for these changes? According to Seth Godin, they should become Linchpins.

The marketing guru has coined the term Linchpin to describe somebody in an organization who is indispensable, who cannot be replaced—their role is just far too unique and valuable. The Linchpin is the ideal role for the new world of work; they are the 21st century, post-industrial change makers. In his bestselling book, Seth inspires us to carve out a new path and become Linchpins. Here’s what makes the Linchpin different than the average worker:

  1. Linchpins know that becoming indispensable isn’t easy. If it was easy, it would have already been done and it would no longer be valuable.
  2. Linchpins aim for special. They create show stopping moments.
  3. Linchpins prize originality over conformity, and relationships over transactions.
  4. Linchpins understand that the ideas aren’t the hard part; shipping them is what’s difficult.
  5. Linchpins know that our schools and companies are built like factories, but they refuse to work in one.
  6. Linchpins are not fearless. Quite to the contrary, they face terrifying fears. But Linchpins embrace these fears as signs that they are on the right path.
  7. Linchpins know that fear is living without a map. Living without a map is the main reason people are so insistent that we tell them what to do. If it’s someone else’s map, it’s not your fault if it doesn’t work out.
  8. Linchpins are map makers. They decide what comes next.
  9. Linchpins do not waste energy on “perfect” and are not worried about trying to please.
  10. Linchpins have considered that it’s entirely possible that they are artists, despite how unlikely that seemed at first. Unfortunately, most people have had the artist beat out of them for most of their life. Linchpins find the artists within themselves, strap on the defibrillator and shock it back to life. There is no time to waste.
  11. Linchpins recognize the huge opportunity cost of anxiety. Unchecked anxiety is the single biggest barrier between them and their goals.
  12. Linchpins track down other linchpins and create movements.

If Linchpins sound like the Chuck Norris of the workplace, that’s because they are.

The Linchpin role is up for grabs. Those who know, now have a choice to make: either sit on the sidelines, wait for permission, and have their potential limited by archaic rules or, redefine the rules, embrace the artist within and create a new path forward.

The future of organizations and individuals careers is at a stake.

Linchpin, the book, will not give you tactics. There is no recipe on how to move forward. No map. Rather, it will change the way you look at things and it may inspire you to completely rethink your career.

Linchpin Manifesto

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