At SparkPath, we’re focused on one thing: helping young people find extraordinary careers. Careers that tap into their most valuable talents. Careers that are truly rewarding. Careers that help them make a unique contribution to the world.

No two individuals share the same talents and aspirations, which is why there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. And in a fast-moving world where tomorrow’s jobs may not even exist today, there are no easy answers. SparkPath takes a personalized approach that goes deeper than other career preparatory options and draws insight from a wide range of interdisciplinary sources. We combine scientific tools and creative processes to help students reach their true potential and align their talents with the needs of tomorrow’s workplace.

SparkPath takes a personalized approach that goes deeper than other career preparatory options.

Each participant benefits from a customized, one-on-one program developed and delivered by JP Michel. Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions your child will make, affecting their financial and emotional wellbeing for years to come. It’s not something you want to leave up to chance or a quick fix. Students who leave high school prepared, focused, and motivated are more likely to graduate and find meaningful work in their chosen field. And when they know how to promote themselves and anticipate the needs of an evolving workplace, they will continue to outperform and outpace their peers who haven’t had the opportunity to learn these skills. Consider making an investment in your child’s long-term success and happiness. Contact us today to discuss your child’s needs. We’d love to help.


“JP was fantastic in his ability to engage a group of high school students in a discussion surrounding their future career goals. Above all, I was impressed with JP’s ability to connect with the students and have them think critically about different careers through the lens of challenges or problems they’d like to solve. The students enjoyed his presentation, and were motivated by his remarks. High school students everywhere could benefit from hearing JP’s insight.”  – Emily M.

“Throughout the session, it was obvious that the questions, answers, comments, and advice provided by JP were carefully crafted for the student, based on a prior candidate analysis…His personable style, sense of humor, and candid demeanor made for a seamless conversation. Even if the SparkPath session was conducted via video-conference, the student felt a positive report with JP, which increased the ease with which two individuals, who did not really know much about each other before, communicated openly.”  – Michel N.

“My undergrad years were a time of confusion and uncertainty about choices I needed to make that would affect the rest of my future. JP sorted through my options at a personal level and my academic career took a clear and simpler direction forward. Now I am graduating with a Master’s degree and am considering a PhD.” – Arash K.

“JP recently volunteered to present to the MBS Specialist Masters Students on the topic of enhancing their career search. He was diligent in his preparation and ensured that the content was suitable for the audience. The presentation was both imaginative and informative and his presentation style was relaxed and highly engaging. The students readily participated in the workshop elements of the presentation. They also gained extremely beneficial knowledge from this experience. I would highly recommend JP.”  – Sarah R.