South Hills Career Camp 2015


When your child asks: “What should I do when I grow up?”

How do you respond?

Sign up your high school students for a 1 day workshop to spark a path for their future. This camp covers:

  • How to pick your college major
  • A psychometric assessment tool to uncover strengths and interests
  • How to build a 21st century career with passion and purpose
  • Top 10 mistakes students make when choosing majors or careers

Join me for a career-launching workshop that will help students who are struggling between different career and college major options, as well as those who do not know where to start. Through my work with hundreds of leaders across the country, I can help students visualize what career success looks like, how they can better understand themselves, what they want to do and how to get there.

The objectives for the workshop are for students to:

  1. Develop a heightened sense of self-awareness through the completion and interpretation of the Strong Interest Inventory and the Gallup StrengthsFinder.
  2. Complete in depth research on the future of a career of their choosing.
  3. Connect with other like-minded students and work collaboratively to understand career challenges.
  4. Learn about the top pitfalls and mistakes students make when choosing a major or a career, when they apply for their first job and when they work with a mentor.
  5. Become inspired to work hard to build a career with passion and purpose.
  6. Create the action plan and next steps for them to launch their dream careers.

Only $199 for registrations before March 17. When students sign up as a group of two, they save $50 each.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should parents get involved?

Parents should encourage high school students to attend the workshop by sharing the benefits and value of working with a career coach. While the workshop itself is reserved for students only, parents are welcome to contact me before and after the workshop to discussion options and talk about next steps.

How long is the workshop? What is the format?

The workshop duration is 6 hours (9am-4pm, with one hour for lunch). It will be held in the Dormont Public Library. Students will receive homework (approx. 45 mins) to complete the week before the workshop. During the workshop, students will participate in interactive activities, lectures, group work, research, presentations and discussions. They will walk away with documents, ideas and a plan for what they need to do next.

How old should the students be?

This workshop is for students between the ages 14-18. Exceptions can be made in special circumstances. Many of the students I work with are Juniors in high school.

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