Many parents see the value in helping young people prepare for their futures, but are not sure where to find the help they need.

SparkPath programs delve deeper into your child’s aspirations, strengths and values and look further into the future to align those skills with tomorrow’s workplace. 

SparkPath programs offer one-on-one support to help young people discover their true potential and choose the education program that leads to an extraordinary career.  Our approach draws on many disciplines and resources: guided self-discovery and self-awareness (strengths, values, personality, aspirations); a scientific, psychometric approach; a thorough, needs-based analysis of the 21st century job market; and an exploration of the education path that will best support your child’s ultimate career goals.


SparkPath isn’t a cookie-cutter solution. Instead of passively reading guidebooks, sitting through a workshop, or filling out generic assessment tests, your child helps set the agenda, participating in one-on-one coaching sessions, guided exercises, brainstorming, psychometrics, journaling, and more. Each program is personalized to reflect the unique needs, interests, and preferences of the participant, so no two programs are ever the same.

Most importantly, SparkPath offers practical, actionable advice that maps a path to career success. Your child will walk away from the experience with a clear set of steps to transition smoothly from high school to postsecondary to career.

You can learn more about my approach in this video and hear about a client’s story.

SparkPath offers three programs geared towards different levels of engagement:

Étincelle offre trois programmes enlignés à trois différents niveaux d'engagements:



A core program that guides students in exploring their interests, abilities, and values, and aligns them with education programs leading to meaningful 21st century careers.



A two-hour session for youth who want to experience the SparkPath process and see whether it’s the right fit.



An intensive, high impact program for motivated youth that want to aim higher, go further, and achieve ambitious goals.

The Ignition Program gets young people thinking strategically about their potential and jumpstarts their education and career plans. It is a streamlined process focused on delivering a clear path to success.

The program includes 5 sessions with JP, plus a custom-designed package of services that includes:

  1. Self-awareness exercises that identify unique interests and strengths.
  2. Psychometric assessment and interpretation on the results.
  3. Career research tools and tactics geared to a fast-evolving workplace.
  4. Education program research and a shortlist of preferred options.

The Ignition Program offers a supportive and results-focused process that helps young people identify goals, achieve clarity and confidence, and develop an action plan to take them where they need to go.

The Brainstorm Session is ideal for parents and students who want to experience the SparkPath process before committing to a more intensive program. Each session consists of a half-hour discussion to launch the process, a psychometric evaluation, and a 1 hour debrief session to interpret evaluation results, as well as:

  1. Explore their interests and identify core strengths.
  2. Align their unique value proposition to the emerging job market.
  3. Create a list of potential education programs and academic paths.

This targeted session will introduce students to new ideas and insights that can help guide and refine their career exploration process. It’s also a great way to infuse confidence and optimism in the launching phase of their career.

*Should you decide to sign up for a PathBuilder or Ignition program, the Brainstorm Session fee will be deducted from the overall program cost.

This is a leadership program tailored to the needs of ambitious, motivated young people. The program includes a custom-designed package of services that includes:

  1. Advanced psychometric assessment tools that help your child develop better self-awareness.
  2. Creative exploration to draw out your child’s true motivators and inspirations.
  3. Informational interviews that enable your child to learn more about specific careers by speaking directly to successful professionals in those fields.
  4. An ongoing program to develop the leadership skills they’ll need to make the most of future opportunities.

This program also shows your child how to:

  • Research and choose an education program that supports their ambition.
  • Map a career path that aligns with their unique strengths and vision.
  • Develop a powerful personal brand.
  • Use social media to build an effective career network.

The Path Builder Program is an intensive and inspirational process that provides one-on-one guidance and a solid foundation of confidence, self-knowledge, and resiliency that your child can build on for the rest of their lives.