Return to Ottawa – A New Chapter

CC Bec Brown

My work at SparkPath has inspired me for years. I have had the unique privilege to help young people reach their potential. Eventually, this work consumed me to a point where I decided I wanted to dedicate myself completely to it. This January, I finally took the plunge! I left my consulting job at DDI in Pittsburgh, and moved back to Ottawa to run SparkPath full-time. It’s been a fantastic first few months, as I got the opportunity to reconnect with family, friends and old acquaintances.

So far in 2016, my work has focussed on the following activities:

  • Doing
    • Presented on Civility in the Workplace with Craig Dowden at Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (5 different sessions)
    • Started several new SparkPath clients
    • Started Executive Presentation/Public Speaking coaching client
    • Presented “How to Leverage Feedback to Fuel Professional Growth” at Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    • First meeting with a school board
    • Gave a talk at Momondays Ottawa
    • Reconnected with my network to tell them about my plans for SparkPath: “Change the way we prepare youth for careers.”
  • Learning
    • Started training for Highlands Ability Battery psychometric test
    • Attended the 2016 Cannexus Career Conference
    • Chose my entrepreneurship coach
    • Started Seth Godin’s altMBA program

On a personal level, the start of my entrepreneurship challenge has had it’s share of successes and challenges. On the success side, the thrill of getting a new client or a new opportunity is motivating. It’s a driver for me because it’s a new opportunity to help someone reach their potential. On the challenge side, I’m wrestling with how to spend my time, whether or not to continue taking on projects in leadership development, and how to spread my message.

It’s been a great few months and I want to give a big thank you to those who have helped me along the way.

I look forward to documenting and sharing this journey.


  1. Denise Caron says:

    I am interested in your new adventure and hoping to learn from a little to a lot
    Maybe this old dog can still learn something

    • JPPsychology says:

      Thank you Denise! I appreciate the support.

  2. Anne Fournier says:

    Hey JP, you are doing exactly what you are teaching, love what you do and do what you love. Need any new clients? I have a perfect candidate. 16 years old, 11th grade this year. Could we connect via phone or email to see if it is too early and how much for your valuable service 🙂 hope to see you soon. In Ottawa until Sunday

    • JPPsychology says:

      That’s great Anne. Of course I’d love to find out if I can help. I’ve sent you an email to connect.

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