“You inspired me to believe that I can change the world”

by Luca Zanon

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to work with the gifted students at Allegheny Intermediate Unit’s (AIU) Apprenticeship Program on International Affairs. Delivered in conjunction with the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, the program allows a select number of students the opportunity to meet periodically with professionals over the course of the year to discuss a variety of career opportunities in the field of international affairs.

During my presentation, I spoke with them about choosing a challenge to solve during their career, leadership skills and how to choose their college majors.

As always, I loved the energy in the room and the fantastic questions they come up with. The feedback they shared was positive. Here are few highlights below:

“You inspired me to believe that I can change the world and I am excited to see what I will do with my life.”

“I enjoyed… the unique advice on how to choose a major. I never looked at my future goals in that manner, but it’s the way I want to now.”

“Made me think of my macro goals and what I want to accomplish in my career.”

“A brand new view on leadership and life choices was introduced – it alleviated the stress about my future a bit. Also, I appreciate how clear you made it seem – I was enticed throughout the whole presentation.”

“Thank you so much for presenting! I’ve been too focused on college choice rather than major – that’ll change.”

“I liked the new perspective on deciding what to major in… I’ve never heard of the challenge method.”

I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to speak to such a bright, motivated group of students!

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