Is This You? Project and Operations Manager at SparkPath (Job Opening)

JP Michel

October 6, 2023 

Welcome to SparkPath! We're on a mission to revolutionize the way young people prepare for the future, and we're looking for a dynamic Project & Operations Manager to join our team.

In this pivotal role, you'll be the driving force behind our projects and initiatives, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. From product development to marketing campaigns, you'll be at the heart of what we do, supporting our founder, JP Michel, and ensuring he can focus on what he does best: creating content and promoting the SparkPath philosophy. If you're organized, responsible, a go-getter with a passion for learning, we'd love to hear from you.

Deadline to apply: Thursday, October 12th 

What You’ll be Doing In this Role

  • Oversee and manage a range of marketing and creative projects, including client recruitment campaigns (students, parents and schools), book launches and events
  • Booking podcast invitations, speaking engagements, and teaching opportunities (masterclass, webinars and workshops) for JP Michel, the Founder
  • Coordinate with the SparkPath team and subcontractors to create efficient and collaborative production workflows and ensure the delivery of projects on time
  • Organizing the work and the projects to support the Founder, ensuring he can dedicate 80% of his time to content creation, training, creating relationships and making media appearances
  • Coordinate social media campaigns and content production
  • Oversee changes and transitions with the team for technology platforms
  • Recruiting and onboarding new team members and subcontractors
  • Overseeing with the Founder annual planning and trimester objectives, documenting meetings, KPI, next actions and follow-ups
  • Create and implement internal workflows and with the help of the VA creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and templates for ease and efficiency of the team

Reading this makes you say "That's SO ME!"

  • You are proactive and you are a great problem solver
  • You have excellent communication skills including the ability to influence positively, negotiate, delegate, support and rally people around an objective
  • You are a self-starter and self-reliant
  • You are known for your strong organizational skills and have a keen sense of priorities
  • You love planning and executing, you are action and result oriented
  • You are good with details and like to produce quality work
  • You have the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and getting things done on time
  • You have a knack for guiding and coordinating others and being clear in what needs to happen
  • You have deep passion for learning and continuous improvement
  • You have a keen interest in marketing, education and customer journey
  • You are comfortable with fluid work environment and are very receptive to feedback and dialogue to improve communication and workflows
  • You are not afraid to try new things and new approaches that has not been done before, it’s excites you and makes you grow

Necessary Skills

  • You are tech savvy. If you don’t know our tech tools :, HubSpot, GSuite, JotForm, ChatGPT, React, Agolia, Firebase, QBO, Shopify, you have a can learn attitude and are open to grow your skills, fast, to be efficient in the team.
  • You have 3+ years of experience in managing projects that lasted between 1 and 3 months.
  • You have experience in the following fields : business, customer service/journey, marketing, sales and online businesses.
  • A college or university degree is preferred.
  • English, writing and speaking is essential. Fluency in French is an advantage.

What the Role is Not

  • A passive job where you wait for instructions; you'll be responsible for planning and executing and need to have initiative and be resourceful.
  • Not suitable for those who rely heavily on existing procedures, predictable routines and feel insecure when they don’t have a plan defined by someone else - you will be creating the plan.
  • Not for lone wolves who like to work alone and don’t like human interactions.
  • Not for those who struggle with confidence issues and take things personally when hearing constructive feedback.

What Makes This Position Unique

Join a team that's making a difference! At SparkPath, we're not just another EdTech startup; we're turning a vision into reality and your role is key in making things happen.

Watch our Founder's inspiring Ted Talk

Location/Work Environment

While we're based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, this position is remote-friendly.

The ideal Project & Operations Manager must be available between 8 am-4 pm EST and can expect around 20 hours of work per week. Flexibility is key.

The starting salary range is CA$30/hr - CA$40/hr.

You can combine this role with other commitments, provided you reserve dedicated weekly time slots for SparkPath.

To apply, click here to submit a short video answering the following question: "Considering the demands and challenges of this role, how do you see yourself thriving and making a difference here?"