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Going Deeper, Thinking Further Ahead

Many parents see the value in helping young people prepare for their futures, but are not sure where to find the help they need.

The SparkPath program delves deeper into your child’s aspirations, strengths and values. The insights from this exploration helps them look further into the future to align themselves with tomorrow’s workplace. 

SparkPath programs offers an engaging approach to help young people discover their true potential and choose the education program that leads to an extraordinary career.  Our approach draws on many disciplines and resources: guided self-discovery and self-awareness (strengths, values, interests, aspirations); evidence-based approach; a thorough, needs-based analysis of the 21st century job market; and an exploration of the education path that will best support your child’s ultimate career goals.

SparkPath isn’t a cookie-cutter solution. Instead of passively reading guidebooks, or filling out generic assessment tests, your child is in the driver's seat, exploring powerful content, completing guided exercises, brainstorming, journaling, and more. Each program is designed to surface the unique needs, interests, and preferences of the participant, so no two programs are ever the same.

Most importantly, SparkPath offers practical, actionable advice that maps a path to career success. Your child will walk away from the experience with a clear set of steps to transition smoothly from high school to postsecondary to career.

You can learn more about my approach in this video and hear about a client’s story. 


Career Coaching Program 

Helps students explore their interests, abilities, and values, and aligns them with education programs leading to meaningful 21st century careers. Students learn SparkPath's innovative Challenge Method that is currently being used Queen's, McGill, Waterloo, University of Toronto, and many more Canadian universities. 

The program includes on-demand coaching sessions, as well as access to the members only SparkPath program. Students typically complete the first phase of the program in 3 months, and many stay on for ongoing coaching. 

The cost of the program is $2,400 plus tax. Payments can be made by cheque or online. 

To get started, please email jp@mysparkpath.com