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"How do I prepare my teen for success?"

If you’re struggling to help your child figure out what comes after high school, you’re not alone.

The transition from high school to postsecondary is a pivotal moment in their life. Preparing in the right way can set them on a path to life-long success.

Yet few resources offer the depth and rigour needed to unlock a student’s potential and send them in the right direction. As a result, many high school graduates—whether they are smart and ambitious, or confused and anxious —face the future with fear instead of excitement.

No young person should embark on the journey to postsecondary without confidence in themselves and the path they’ve chosen, but many do. And as many as one in seven drop out before completing their college program, wasting a golden opportunity to make the most of their talents and potential.  

From high school to postsecondary to career

SparkPath is specifically designed to help students discover their unique potential and find the right outlet for it.

Using the game changing Challenge Method, SparkPath helps students map the journey from high school to postsecondary to career.

Invest in the future

Given the tremendous costs of four-year degree programs, these are investments worth protecting. A personalized training program can ensure you invest wisely and that your son or daughter reaps the full benefit for the rest of their lives.

In an increasingly competitive world, SparkPath gives your child a measurable advantage. They’ll emerge from the experience confident, optimistic, and excited to take the next big step.

Start the SparkPath program today

SparkPath has helped hundreds of students change their mindset about their future. By learning more about who they are, the impact they want to have on the world and the education program that will help them, teens create clarity about their future path and their next steps. 

SparkPath is here to help your teen succeed. Are you ready to get started?

Start their SparkPath program today.