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A challenge that inspires

Help your child see the impact they can make on the world

There is more uncertainty among young people today, and it's no wonder. The world is changing so rapidly that it's harder than ever for them to envision the future and imagine their role in it.

Traditional career resources are failing young people by focusing on obsolete tests and narrow lists of job titles instead of helping them understand themselves and navigate the modern world of work.

The Challenge Program flips the traditional approach by encouraging students to identify the challenges that inspire them. Based on the innovative Challenge Mindset, this three-month online course works where other approaches don't, because it helps young people discover what's important to them—and how they can become important to the world.


"SparkPath helped our son to work through his first career decision. This experience will no doubt serve him well for a life-time."

Glen Orsak, Parent


About the Challenge Program

The Challenge Program is based on the Challenge Mindset used by career counsellors, high schools, colleges, and universities across North America.  

 This self-guided, interactive online course takes an average of three months to complete. During this time, your child will discover a new way of looking at themselves and their future. At the end of the process, they will emerge with a clear understanding of the impact their unique talents can make on the world.

 Through a mix of videos, quizzes, self-guided study, journaling, and one-on-one coaching, the Challenge Program teaches young people:

 How to design a satisfying career

  • How to identify their values, interests, and strengths
  • How to research and explore the world of work
  • How to discover the right education program
  • How to take those critical next steps towards success

The Challenge Program includes monthly coaching sessions with JP Michel, a leadership development consultant, youth coach, former university administrator, and creator of the Challenge Mindset and Challenge Cards. Coaching sessions help students stay motivated, overcome obstacles, and connect with someone who can listen and understand.

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"Thanks so much for directing me to the place I needed to go. I've learned so much about myself and I'm excited to see where it takes me in the future."

Cameron Wissing, Student