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Digital Challenge Cards

Digital Challenge Cards

Digital Challenge Cards


Empower your students to take ownership of their future with the digital Challenge Cards. 

Used by over 15,000 students in colleges, universities and school districts across the globe, the Challenge Cards are an innovative career development tool that helps students discover a simple yet powerful message: the world needs you. Instead of focusing on job titles to fit into, students discover inspiring challenges to work on. 

Featured on TEDx, Forbes and NACE, this new approach to careers will engage your students to broaden their horizons and to take their exploration to the next level. 

If you find that your students are stuck, discouraged, focused on a small list of job titles or waiting for the ‘perfect’ answer, then this is the career tool for you. 

Through an interactive card sort and the creation of their Challenge Profile, your students will become: 

  • Open to a new world of possibilities.
  • Empowered to create meaningful career and education options. 
  • Engaged and ready to take action.

These benefits can all be achieved without adding hours of preparation into your busy schedule. When you purchase your annual subscription to the digital Challenges Cards, you get access to our Educator’s Guide which is filled with activities, guiding questions and lesson plans that will help take the stress away from adding this new resource to your toolbox. 

You can choose to leverage the Challenge Cards in 1on1 meetings, classrooms, workshops, career fairs, events, and independently by students.

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Still curious? See the digital tool in action here.