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Our mission is to transform aimless students into self-driven challenge pros.

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College Grad Gets Good Grades. Why Can’t She Find a Good Job?

How the Education System Bombs at Career Development and the Pioneering Solution.

Julie’s Story (And almost every other college graduate) 

Julie worked hard in high school. Her parents nourished her self-esteem and pushed her to achieve as much as she could academically.  She celebrated her college acceptance letter with family....   

The Challenge Cards

At SparkPath, we created the game-changing Challenge Cards to prepare young people for the future of work. With this tool, teachers can shift student's attention from job titles to the challenges, problems, and opportunities that exist in the world. Learn more about this powerful shift below:

Single Challenge Card Deck
  • Create

    Help them imagine and become the person they want to be. Use engaging questions and exercises that get results. 

  • Discover

    Discover the challenges that they want to solve. Build skills that directly impact the marketplace.

  • Choose

    Understanding work challenges and personal interests sets the stage for clear choices in schooling and skill development. 

  • Challenge Pro

    A life-long learner who seeks to understand challenges and recognizes opportunities. 

Who is a SparkPath Challenge Pro?

SparkPath Challenge Pros are proactive. They learn  to create, discover and choose their path in life and work. Challenge Pros approach the world of work with a insightful methodology that enriches their decision making and harnesses a keen eye for continuously uncovering challenges and opportunities. 

How to Use the Challenge Cards

The Start of an Extraordinary Career in Meaningful Work.


What counselors, parents and students are saying about the SparkPath Challenge Card Method.

JP's passion for career development is infectious! His career development approach has translated into the Challenge Cards developed by his company, SparkPath. The unique challenge approach is on point with younger generations- the tool is refreshing, simple and easy to use. I highly recommend the Challenge Cards for use in one-on-one career counseling sessions as well as group and classroom settings.

SparkPath helped our son to work through his first career decision... This experience... will no doubt serve our son well for a life-time. This type of reflection, discernment and decision making is a life skill... our son... not only feels good about his decision about University but also now has an experience in applying a methodical approach to this type of decision.  

My 17 year old daughter came home with an 87% on her grade 12 biology test. You helped her identify how she wants to contribute to the world.  She has a better sense of hope for the future, pride in her accomplishments and self confidence.

Thanks so much for directing me to the place I needed to go, I've learned so much about myself and I'm excited to see where it takes me in the future.