Create More Meaningful Interactions With Students 

The SparkPath Challenge Cards enable career advisors to help students discover a career path based on exciting, real-world challenges… not job titles.

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The World Needs You


The World Needs You

A new mindset for student career exploration

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A Career Exploration Tool that Will Inspire Your Students with New Ways of Thinking

Career advisors have used the challenge cards to help over 90,000 students prepare for the future of work.

Provide Career Advisory Services with Intentionality

We know that there are other options than a one-size-fits-all approach to career advising.

The Challenge Cards allow career advisors to provide intentional career advisory services even when meeting hundreds of students' unique needs.

Whether using the cards are in a group or 1:1 format, you’ll inspire new ways of thinking with your students and colleagues.

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Inspire Your Students
in a Fun and Interactive Way

Your students are more likely to engage in career exploration if they feel the experience has been built for them.

The Challenge Cards, bright, vibrant, modern, and engaging, were created with today’s learners in mind and are designed to help them imagine endless career possibilities

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Help Your Students Get Unstuck

Choosing a specific job title is difficult for students and the advisors supporting them.

Lack of experience and knowledge, limited exposure to work, and fear of making the wrong choice can block students from discovering what is possible.

The Challenge Cards will give you the tools to motivate your students and help them see the world through challenges and opportunities rather than the limits of a job title.

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Increase Your Capacity to Serve During Career Workshops, Classroom Presentations and Events

Many career exploration tools are meant to be used in a 1:1 setting and are difficult to use in groups.

The Challenge Cards increase your capacity to facilitate engaging student-centred career exploration experiences that feel customised

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Leverage Important Insights to Ensure that No Student is Left Behind

Understanding where your students are in the career exploration process, while building awareness of those who are less engaged, is critical to your overall success as a career advisor.

The Challenge Cards toolkit has a helpful dashboard that will surface essential data points and highlight the challenges your learners find most exciting. show you the most exciting

You can use this data to inspireworkshops and events targeted to the most popular themes, download your data at the end of the year to track impact, and identify students who may need more support.

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Let’s Chat Challenge Cards

Book a demo with our team to see the Challenge Cards in action and learn how they can benefit your learners. Our team will walk you through a card sort exercise so you can experience the Challenge Cards firsthand and we’ll answer any questions you may have. 

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How the Challenge Cards Work

The Challenge Cards help students prepare for their future using the Challenge mindset. The Challenge mindset is an approach to career exploration focused on finding challenges to tackle instead of job titles to fit into.

Step 1

Purchase the Challenge Cards & Get Access to Your Dashboard

Step 2

Introduce the Challenge Mindset & Host a Challenge Face-Off

Step 3

Send Digital Access to Your Students & Invite them to Participate

Step 4

Monitor Incoming Responses & Assess Challenge Profiles

Step 5

Continue the Conversation in 1:1s or with a 1:Many Workshop

What’s Included in your Subscription

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Challenge Cards

The goal of the Challenge Cards is to help students feel energized and empowered about their future so that they can take meaningful action.

Students who complete the Challenge Cards learn that the world needs them and the unique and fascinating challenges, problems, and opportunities they can work on

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Insights Dashboard & Challenge Profiles

Collecting feedback and measuring career exploration's impact on students is critical.

With the Challenge Cards dashboard, you’ll have an inside look at how your students use the Challenge Cards so you can more easily spot students who may need extra support.

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The Challenge Mindset Learning Community

Many career exploration tools are under-utilized due to a lack of information or training.

The Learning Community provides the information you will need to use the Challenge Cards through a 7-day course and a collaboritive discussion space. This includes resources to administer, debrief and provide follow-up to the Challenge Cards activity.

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Informative Training Session

Get your team ready for career exploration success with our informative training session.

In this interactive session, we’ll walk you through the Challenge mindset, how to use the Cards with students, lead reflections, and create activities that engage your students.

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Additional Benefits Include

On-Going Support for Your Team

A Community of Like-Minded Individuals

Free Events, Workshops, and Webinars

Ready to Bring the Challenge Cards to your Students?

Book a demo to see the Challenge Cards in action and learn how this unique career exploration tool can benefit your learners.

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What Educators Say about SparkPath

"I was hoping my undergraduate studies would lead me somewhere. Now, I believe I will be able to lead my studies instead of my studies leading me."


High School Student

"The Challenge mindset helped me learn that I have the power to be what I want in life."


College Student

"I really like this exercise. I felt more invested in it because it was promoting me to make my own decisions based on something I am passionate about, rather than being told what is right for me."


College Student

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