A new approach to career discovery

The Challenge Mindset is changing the way students prepare for college and careers.

The Challenge mindset flips the traditional approach and frees students to find a career path based on real-world challenges, not job titles.

"You helped her identify how she wants to contribute to the world.  She has a better sense of hope for the future, pride in her accomplishments and self confidence."


For Schools

High schools, colleges, and universities are challenging their students to rethink their futures with innovative Challenge Cards.

For Parents

The Challenge Program helps your teen discover the impact they can make on the world and the educational path to take them there.

Universities using SparkPath's career tools

Help Students Reach their Potential

Learn about our unique approach to help students go from confused to empowered. 

About SparkPath

SparkPath provides coaching, tools, and programs based on the Challenge Mindset, an innovative approach to career exploration and planning that focuses on helping students explore real-world challenges that inspire.