How Educators are Empowering Middle School Students at Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board

JP Michel

Here’s how teachers have helped +7,000 students in the self-discovery process.

The Elementary Guidance Experiential Learning Teachers (EGELTs) at Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board noticed an issue with their middle school students. When discussing careers and the world of work, students were often stressed and not fully engaged. 

When they dug further, they found that most students thought they needed to pick one job title… for the rest of their lives! So, the EGELTs made it their mission to change this. Using the Challenge mindset, they helped students discover a new, exciting way to prepare for their future. 

 The EGELTs helped students discover the challenges that they want to work on.


With the digital Challenge Cards, they guided their students on a journey of meaningful career exploration. The EGELTs not only gave their students a broader view of their potential, but also empowered them to think for themselves. In the words of one learner, “I can’t wait to show my grandmother my slide deck the next time she asks me ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’”


As part of their exploration, they first chose inspiring challenges, problems and opportunities in the world which they wanted to work on. Next, they explored companies, jobs and learning opportunities. As a final project, and a powerful visual, they created infographics about their potential paths.



“I can’t believe I created this”, one student said after the project, marvelling at her progress.


By going above and beyond, Dufferin-Peel found creative ways to use student-driven inquiry in careers. And it’s working: over 7,000 of their students have used the digital Challenge Cards to choose challenges they care about. That makes the EGELTs the most impactful team in our Challenge mindset community. 


Short term, this teams has prepared a cohort of students that are empowered to create a meaningful future. Long-term, they are bringing their school board’s values and mission to life. Congratulations to this inspiring team!


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