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JP Michel

This role is ideal for a proactive, detailed-oriented individual with communication and creative problem-solving skills. You will contribute immediately to the following areas: administrative support,  sales support, customer service, project management and special projects.

At SparkPath, we are changing the way young people prepare for the future. We are building an EdTech startup and we need your help to turn our vision into reality. This is a role offering professional growth where you will be asked to do things you haven't done before, in order for you to learn and grow.

The SparkPath Virtual Assistant is comfortable working in a fluid environment, is coachable, and has a desire to learn and improve. To be successful, the role requires self-reliance, resourcefulness and organization. 

We are based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The successful candidate can work remotely and must be available between 8am-4pm EST. The position is part-time and will require 10-20 hours a week to start. 

Our Mission

To learn more about our mission, please watch our TEDx talk:

Helping Youth Find Purpose and Impact | JP Michel | TEDxKanata

What SparkPath Offers

What we offer is a unique opportunity to be part of a mission driven organization that is changing the world. You will see first hand what it takes to make a vision come alive.

Your number one priority is to save the founder time. You will work directly with the founder on critical initiatives. 

You will be given actionable feedback on what you are doing well, and what you could do to improve. You will be expected to take this feedback and use it to grow.

Key Responsibilities

Sales Support

-Use HubSpot to add clients to our mailing list, create sales reports, identify pending tasks, etc. 


-Create template emails to send to clients. 

-Conduct research online to better understand prospective clients and their needs. Write notes and create pricing estimates. 

Customer Service

-Use Google Firebase for data management tasks, such as deleting accounts and retrieving important information. 

-Use Shopify to create orders for physical products. 

Project Management

-Create weekly and monthly performance reports in Google Slides. 

-Capture notes during meetings and write out required actions. 

-Manage the creation and launch of community webinars. 


-Proofread blog posts for clarity, as well as spelling and grammar mistakes. 


-Use Quickbooks to create recurring invoices for clients. 


  • High attention to detail. You have the ability to focus on details and pay attention to what others miss.
  • Fast learner who is hungry for feedback. You want to be challenged to do things you have not done before, because you know they will help you grow. You love finding better/faster ways to do things.
  • A strong communicator and listener who can adapt to different situations.
  • Demonstrate initiative: You are capable of going beyond what is asked of you, because you focus on the problem we are trying to solve, not just the task at hand. You can manage time and resources autonomously.
  • Critical thinker with great problem-solving skills. Ability to research, learn and integrate new tools quickly and independently.
  • Going the extra mile: You are resourceful, have high standards for performance and a ‘get stuff done’ attitude.
  • In service to our cause. Willingness to devote yourself to the cause of helping youth and the educators who serve them. You are empathetic and in service of others.


A track record of delivering high-quality projects, on time.

Experience overcoming obstacles and demonstrating resourcefulness.

Paid or unpaid work in a business, customer service, marketing, sales or other relevant experience.

A college or university degree will enhance your candidacy for this role.


Fluency in English is preferred. Fluency in French is an advantage. 

Action required: To apply for this position, please complete the following assessment:

Successful candidates will be asked to participate in a short assessment, and then finalists will be invited to an interview.

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