The First Prototype of the Digital Challenge Cards

JP Michel

I’ve received several requests to create a digital version of the Challenge Cards. For many parents, teachers and guidance counsellors, a digital option will better meet the needs of some of their students. Is it the same for you? How would you use the digital Challenge Cards?

In late April, I participated in a wonderful event called Random Hacks of Kindness. At the start, I pitched to a room of very bright people on why they should join SparkPath’s mission. You can watch my pitch here:

On Saturday and Sunday, a team of 14 volunteers (7 designers and 7 developers) worked tirelessly to build a first prototype of the final Challenge Cards. I was amazed by what they taught me, and what they were able to create. Here is their final presentation:

Here is a picture of our prototype:

Now that we have a prototype, my next step is to work with Algonquin students through the applied research, innovation and entrepreneurship program. Throughout their summer course, a team of design students will work with me to help design our new digital tool. I’ll make sure to post an update next month once I’ve started to work with the students.

While the digital cards are being designed, I will focus on helping parents and teens through my online program. This course is ideal for students are struggling to decide what they want to do after high school. If you are a parent of a teen yourself, you can learn more about the program at the following link: The video on the first page explains who the course is for, and how it can help.

With the combination of the digital cards and the online course, I know we will be able to help many more students than it was previously possible. Thank you for your help in realizing our mission to change the way we prepare people for their careers. 

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