See you at NCDA 2023

JP Michel
My #1 goal at the National Career Development Association conference is to meet great people who are on an adventure.

I define an adventure as an exciting, aspirational journey with lots of risks and learning along the way. Do you know anyone on an adventure that I should meet?

This year, I'm lucky to present with several thought-leaders who are on an adventure:
-Brian Malott: A "design-thinker" whose innovations at Fanshawe College with Indigenous students inspire me.
-Nicola Edwards: The original Challenge mindset champion pioneering a new approach to involve faculty in career development.
-Jennifer Baytor: The inventor of the "flipped" career fair who is creating purposeful career "reframes" for business students.
-Rich FellerAnush Hansen, and Mark Franklin: Telling a new story about career development (beyond interest assessments!).
-Michael Stebleton, Mark Franklin and Rashne Jehangir: What needs to change so we can prepare students for a 100-year life?

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