12 Reasons to Celebrate Global Career Month

JP Michel

12. This is a great time for you to help someone grow in their career.
11. Life can be hard, adding more celebration is just a good idea!
10. Career development will help Gen Z thrive in life and at work.
9. Many people are discouraged in their careers and need help.
8. You have helped someone in their career, and it felt good.
7. Reflect on your own career and what you want from it.
6. Meet new pros through #amplifier2022 #careermonth
5. Celebrate someone who helped you in your career.
4. Pause to work “on” your career, vs “in” your career.
3. Career development matters, because you matter.
2. Careers impact well-being and mental health.
1. Good career work leads to more equity.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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