SparkPath COVID-19 Update

JP Michel

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In this time of change and uncertainty, I want you to know you can still count on SparkPath for support.

In these challenging circumstances, educators and parents are still looking for ways to help youth thrive. I wonder where career exploration falls in terms of priorities at this time.

In fact, maybe you would be willing to weigh in on this? If you have any comments to share, please feel free to reply by email. Here are some of the highlights from the conversations I’ve had so far: 


“It’s time for many of us to examine not only our businesses but our life's purpose and cause and to see how our feelings are changing as we are forced to introspect. In some ways that may represent an opportunity for activities that can help deepen our understanding of self and our connection to the world and each other.”
“Right now, more than any other time, students need to be looking to the future where things are brighter than in the current situation. Perhaps even these circumstances will alter their chosen pathway and the challenges they want to solve!”
“With youth feeling so much uncertainty, anxiety, isolation, etc., it's important not to set aside exploring their next moves and how they can make an impact in this world! I think this would be a welcome distraction to them and help them feel as though they can gain some sort of control over their lives by envisioning their future!”
Thank you to all those who have shared their thoughts so far. In the meantime, here is the SparkPath update:
  • I'm still open to your feedback on how to improve the digital Challenge Cards. You can click here to start a free trial. 
  • There is something SparkPath can learn from what is happening, I just don’t know what it is yet. But I’m open. (Maybe you know and you can tell me!)
  • We are here to stay. We’re still a lean, mean machine that is committed to changing the world.

Wishing you and your students all the best at this time.

JP Michel

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