The Challenge Mindset Book

JP Michel

4 months. 20 000 words. It’s not enough to publish a book, but it’s a start.

It's just enough to make me believe that I can write a book. In fact, I've committed to finishing and publishing in 2021. The working title is 'The World Needs You: How the Challenge mindset prepares youth for careers with purpose and impact'.

The book is for educators who believe that 1) all students can make a meaningful contribution to the world, and 2) that the current approach to careers isn't working. Is that you? If so, please like or share this post, and I'll make sure you are the first to know when the book is ready.

Thank you to Kristin Ward HatcherSeth Godin and the Akimbo community for the encouragement to get to this point. It means a lot!

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