The Digital Challenge Cards Are Here

JP Michel
The digital Challenge Cards are here! Even more exciting, they were launched at the University of South Florida this week. This post will talk about the features, impact and how you can start using the digital cards in your school.

Let’s dive in.

Digital Challenge Cards - A Bigger Impact on Students

Building upon the success of the physical Challenge Cards, the digital Challenge Cards offer new features to engage students and help them reach their potential.

With the digital Challenge Cards, students can explore workplace challenges anytime and anywhere, from any web-enabled device. The digital version of this transformative career exploration tool also gives them access to resources that help them take the next steps in their career journey:

  •  After choosing their top challenges, students are given access to an account where they can retrieve their Challenge Profile and retake the card sort any time.
  • Students receive a personalized guide that shows them how to use their challenges to develop a career plan.
  • School administrators can download students' reports and use them in a career coaching meeting or other supportive context.
  • New Challenge Cards, training materials, lesson plans, videos and other resources are added on an ongoing basis

Challenge Profile

After the card sort, each student receives a Challenge Profile. 

Schools, colleges and universities are using the digital cards to:

  • Engage potential students during recruiting events and activities.
  • Support students who haven't picked a major or aren't meeting academic requirements.
  • Encourage career exploration and the use of the careers office among students and graduates.

Case Study: USF's Major Expo

Majors Expo at University of South Florida - Challenge Cards 

On October 22nd, the University of South Florida held its annual Major Expo—with a twist. Instead of starting with jobs or majors, the students started with inspiring challenges they wanted to work on. 

Students first chose their top three challenges with the digital Challenge Cards. Then, they visited different departments (at different booths) to find out how different college majors would help them contribute to their top challenges. Here were some of the reactions from the more than 400 attendees:

 "It was awesome. It lets students make the link between their four years in undergrad and their meaning once they get into the workforce."

 "Good idea. It made the experience more meaningful."

 "It is a new, interesting take. It also helps you find a major about something you could be more passionate about."

 How it works

Students use a web app to explore challenges and identify the three career challenges that intrigue and inspire them the most. Each student then receives a customized Challenge Profile with a career exploration action plan.

Educators receive access to Challenge Cards training, plus a private online community and a growing library of videos, worksheets, activities, and presentations to help students design a path to an inspiring career.

What difference will the digital Challenge Cards make for your students?
How to start

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