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Help your teen explore their career options and get excited about how they can contribute to the world for just $20.

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Over 70,000 students have used SparkPath to explore careers and gain clarity on their future. 

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What parents say about SparkPath

“This was the best investment we ever made for them.”

Lisa Desroches


"You helped her identify how she wants to contribute to the world. She has a better sense of hope for the future, pride in her accomplishments and self confidence."

Mike Courneya


"This experience will no doubt serve our son well for a lifetime."

Glen Orsak


How it works

Step 1

Guided Reflection

Your teen will complete our guided quiz to reflect on where they are now, and where they want to go.

⏱ 20 minutes

Step 2

Interest Inventory

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Your teen will fill out a survey to share more about their interests and answer questions to identify their strengths. 

⏱ 15 minutes

Step 3 

Challenge Profile

Based on their answers, SparkPath will create a report of exciting options for your teen to explore.

⏱ 1-2 Business Days

Boost your teen's career confidence today for only $20

What to expect

Discover Interests

Help your teen explore and uncover their genuine interests, based on the challenges they want to solve, instead of job titles to fit into. 

Build Confidence

Boost your teen's confidence as they make important life decisions, empowering them to take charge of their future.

Foster Wellbeing

Provide a positive experience to help your teen navigate anxiety, overcome fear, and embrace challenges on their path to career and educational success.


“Too often, we end up in the wrong career because we ask the wrong questions. JP Michel’s Challenge Cards are cleverly designed to fix that.”

Adam Grant, author of Originals and Think Again, and host of the TEDx podcast WorkLife

What's included in the assessment



A personalized report of your teen's strengths and how to harness them

Relevant Job Titles


A list of the types of jobs focused on solving your chosen challenges

Relevant Companies


A list of companies working on the challenges you care about

Education Programs


A list of education programs that will help you work on your challenges

Start with Purpose

Understand how they are uniquely equipped to make contributions through their work preferences, values, and strengths.

What students say about SparkPath

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"I was hoping my undergraduate studies would lead me somewhere. Now, I believe I will be able to lead my studies instead of my studies leading me."


High School Student

"The Challenge mindset helped me learn that I have the power to be what I want in life."


College Student

"I really like this exercise. I felt more invested in it because it was promoting me to make my own decisions based on something I am passionate about, rather than being told what is right for me."


College Student

Boost your teen's career confidence today for only $20