The Parent's Guide to Helping Teens Find Direction

Learn how to guide your teen through the twists and turns of career and education planning. 


This webinar is for:
▷ Parents of teens and young adults
▷ Parents seeking to empower their child in career and education planning

🕗  30 min

There is so much pressure for teens to decide their career direction.

With the job market evolving rapidly, the pressure to make the right decision weighs heavily on their shoulders, often leaving both teens and parents uncertain about the way forward.

This webinar will provide parents with the tools and insights needed to empower their teens to navigate these important career and education decisions with confidence. 

You'll learn how to help your teen:

  • Find an education and career path that is right for them
  • Balance happiness and earning potential
  • Experience satisfaction in their academic and professional pursuits

    Even if:
  • They're overwhelmed by choices
  • Unsure where to start
  • Busy with other priorities
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JP Michel
Founder of SparkPath
Author of The World Needs You