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Over 70,000 students have used SparkPath to explore careers and gain clarity on their future. 

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Strengths Report


A personalized report of your teen's strengths and how to harness them

Relevant Job Titles

A list of the types of jobs focused on solving your teen's chosen challenges

Relevant Companies


A collection of companies working on the challenges your teen cares about

Education Programs


A list of education programs that will help your teen work on their challenges

What parents are saying about the full assessment

“This was the best investment we ever made for them.”

“As a parent, it was great to see my son engage in conversation about his future career. The focus on what change he wanted to make in the world, rather than what job he wanted to do, was a great motivator!”

“It provided an external (i.e. not your parent) perspective on my child's strengths/weaknesses and what kind of directions they might want to open themselves to exploring.”

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Upgrade today to set your teen up for success in their career exploration journey.

How it works

Step 1

Guided Reflection

Your teen will complete our guided quiz to reflect on where they are now, and where they want to go.

⏱ 20 minutes

Step 2

Interest Inventory

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Your teen will fill out a survey to share more about their interests and answer questions to identify their strengths. 

⏱ 15 minutes

Step 3 

Premium Challenge Profile

Based on their answers, SparkPath will create a report of personalized career recommendations.

⏱ 1-2 Business Days

Start with Purpose

Understand how they are uniquely equipped to make contributions through their work preferences, values, and strengths.

Interested in learning more about the Challenge mindset?

Watch JP Michel's TedX Talk to find out how this innovative approach works.

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Upgrade today to set your teen up for success in their career exploration journey.