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eBook: The 5 Career Conversations

A step-by-step guide for parents who want to help their teen discover a purpose and path to the future.

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You're not alone: many parents struggle to talk to their teens about the future.

You want your child to feel confident about the future. You know that they need to make big decisions about what to study and where to apply. But when you try to help, it ends in frustration, anger, or even tears.

How do you change the pattern and break through?

The 5 Career Conversations can help.

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A new way to talk to your teen about their career.

The career conversation has always been a hard one. Today, with big changes impacting the workplace, the parenting role, and the education system, it's even tougher.

The 5 Career Conversations ebook contains proven strategies for keeping the lines of communication open and making a positive impact on your child's career choices.

Packed with tips, ideas, and sample dialogues, this ebook is a must-read for any parent who wants to support their child's career discovery process.

About the Founder

JP Michel is the founder and head coach at SparkPath and the creator of the Challenge Mindset, the Challenge Program, and the Challenge Cards.

 Since 2009, JP has leveraged his experience coaching high-performing leaders to help hundreds of high-school students develop their potential, set ambitious career paths, and accomplish their goals.

 He is an award-winning career professional and a sought-after speaker who frequently appears in the media and at conferences.

Praise for the ebook

"The ebook is wonderful. I really enjoyed how you debunk and reframe what used to work that doesn't anymore. Kind, empathetic and relatable while also being truthful, encouraging parents to reality check themselves about if and how they are approaching support for their children."
Nicola Edwards

"Great resource. I like the format with the conversations and different approaches."
Heidi Smith

"The book is fantastic. Well done!"
Tania Di Tiberio

"I liked the 5 conversations the most... the explanations are concise and in parent friendly language."
Johanna Paradis

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