Career Journal - Classroom Sized Set

Are you passionate about helping students reach their full potential? Would you like to guide them through a proven process to identify and reach their career goals? If so, the SparkPath Career Journal is the tool you are looking for. 

The Classroom Set includes 30 journals

Designed to be used with the innovative Challenge Cards, the SparkPath Career Journal transforms the way students see themselves and their futures. After completing the journal, students become Challenge Researchers who look beyond job titles. Instead, they create careers that work on important challenges, problems and opportunities. 

When students identify and understand work challenges, they open up their world and prepare to make a significant contribution to the workplace. This is the process that helps students create extraordinary careers. 

The SparkPath Career Journal helps students:

  • deepen their self-awareness.
  • discover the world of work.
  • choose an education program.
  • build a plan to reach their goals.

Thank you for all your hard work in helping students reach their full potential! 

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